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Michizakura Shuzou Co., Ltd.

143 years of technology and spirit. Here’s to another 100 years in a new location in Higashikawa.

Michizakura Shuzou was founded in Nakatsugawa, Gifu Prefecture in 1877, and built a history of 143 years there.

In November 2020, the brewery was relocated to Higashikawa in Kamikawa District as a publicly built, privately operated establishment.

The company wanted an environment where they could make better use of the history and experience they had accumulated in Gifu, and saw great potential in this northern town. Their tried-and-true brewing methods are now complemented with an abundance of Higashikawa ingredients as they create the new generation of Michizakura drinks.

Michizakura Aiyama 60

Aiyama is a sake rice that has been a cherished part of Michizakura Shuzou’s drinks since their days in Nakatsugawa.
Flamboyant with a hearty rice flavor, it’s not uncommon for people to say that of all the sakes Michizakura sells, this one best captures the essence of Michizakura.
Enjoy the new taste from Michizakura’s new fields in Higashikawa.

Michizakura Aiyama 60


Alcohol content (%): 15
Rice: Aiyama
Rice-polishing ratio (%): 60
Sake meter value (+-): ±0
Michizakura Aiyama 60

Michizakura Shuzou Co., Ltd.
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November 2020

Michizakura moved to Higashikawa from Gifu Prefecture and rebranded itself as a new Hokkaido brewery.
Higashikawa rice is the star of Michizakura’s products. This is complemented by rice from Honshu, such as Michizakura’s tried-and-true Aiyama rice, for a full-bodied range of sakes.


Company Name Michizakura Shuzou Co., Ltd.
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Hours 10:00am-3:00pm
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